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The Nerd's Secret And The Jock (Major Editing)

The Nerd's Secret And The Jock (Major Editing)

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Hailey:) By HailsStorm38 Completed

Mackenzie. Quiet yet stunning.
Every boy likes her but she don't know that. Her families very rich. Yet she don't act it. Mackenzie likes to call herself a nerd. She don't study all the time. Just at school. But what everyone don't know about her is that she has a secret. Aaron. The top jock at the school. Plays baseball and is the hottest boy in the grade. He's nice to people.
Not snobby. He's very popular.
Aaron has always loved baseball. There's a new girl coming to the school.

Her names Mackenzie, and she has a secret.

MspGamingWithFriends MspGamingWithFriends Jul 29, 2016
It's lime you sold her to some perv. Gosh, didn't know you wanted to get rid of her so bad. 😐😒
Socially_Nonexistent Socially_Nonexistent Dec 22, 2016
My brothers younger than me by 11 months so it's kinda weird when it's his birthday were the same age for a whole month
Egreeley Egreeley Oct 23, 2016
I have a 3 story house, typical, but I also have an elevator. Not for your reason though, my sister has a wheel chair so..
SarahDrewBieber6776 SarahDrewBieber6776 May 03, 2016
Oh no, u don't slam on the gas pedal in a Bugatti without a death wish
It kills me to get dressed in the morning and I'm homeschooled 😂 how does she do all this ....
Aquariosa Aquariosa Jun 29, 2016
Ok, I'm just asking a question but if she doesn't like to act rich then why do you keep pointing it out in the story?