Peeta's Story- The Hunger Games

Peeta's Story- The Hunger Games

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Izzy (bellabooily1997)
Lizzy (MySweetSunshine)

Since Suzanne Collins wrote from Katniss's point of view, I decided it would be fun to write from Peeta's point of view.
All characters belong on Suzanne Collins. 

(Sorry for any inaccuracies, I lent my book to a friend, so I'm basing this off of memory.)

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BruhItsBre614 BruhItsBre614 Sep 16, 2017
I wish the Hunger Games was a TV series like bitch um yes please?
- - Apr 17, 2016
It's a gr8 story but I have to say Prim has the same last name as Katniss it's obvious she related to her in some way at least and Peeta isn't stupid?!
MadalynRain MadalynRain Jul 25, 2016
I really like this book. Good job I thought this chapter was written quite nicely. And you are even keeping true to his character. Brilliant.
TheDivergentGamesCHB TheDivergentGamesCHB Mar 09, 2016
Nobody wins the games. There are survivors, but never winners.
justOme justOme Sep 21, 2016
"I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!" Says the girl with the dark brown hair.
Dontgettooclose16 Dontgettooclose16 Mar 03, 2016
Rumour has it 
                              Rumour has it
                              Rumour has it you're the one she's leaving him for