Madness [ naruto various! x reader ]

Madness [ naruto various! x reader ]

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ab style | crown By hzhuangzitao Updated Aug 09, 2016

uchiha (y/n) gets put on the same team with Naruto, Sakura and her distant cousin, Sasuke. When the final rounds of the chunnin exams end, and Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and herself go on a mission, their mission suddenly goes wrong, everything went downhill. Until a certain someone comes into the picture. 

"to me, it's not about wanting to gain power, or wanting revenge, i'm just tired, tired of living in such a hell! I miss my old self, my old friends. I'm just tired.." 
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[fast speed book be aware ]

aishiteqt aishiteqt Jul 28, 2016
but I don't have black hair o.o (I found this in my library for some reason..)