Adopting An Assassin

Adopting An Assassin

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Blair Winchester is a smart naturally beautiful girl and also the most ruthless assassin since the age of 12. Who kills anyone that gets in her way and shows no emotion to anyone except to her loving  parents who are retired assassins but still train as hard as anyone else. So when life seems to be going good you should know that that doesn't last long and will come to an end. On Blair's 17 birthday her parents are murdered and she is forced to move in with her mothers old friend Katherine Henderson who lives in a small town near the woods with her husband that is always on business trips for work. What will happen when Blair finds out Katherine has 7 sons and there the most popular guys at school. Even though the she wants to stay in the shadows. How long can Blair keep her secret and find the person who murdered her parents and get revenge or will she stop her ways and live a normal teenage life for her last year of high school. when Blair finds out secrets of the past that start to show up what will happen next only time can tell. 

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this is my first book and I'm not the best at grammar and that stuff so please bare with me on this. hope you like my first book.


won't post pictures of characters i will only give descriptions so let your imagination run wild!

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