Angel With a Crossbow (Daryl Dixon Fanfiction.)

Angel With a Crossbow (Daryl Dixon Fanfiction.)

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Okay...I am aware that I'm starting this story at the very end of Season 2, but that's where I feel that's where the show was full of action. Hopefully a lot of you guys won't mind this. In this story, some things that happen between Lily and Daryl are the things that actually happened between Daryl and Carol but I changed it. Please don't hate me! Anyway, enjoy

Also, sorry about the crappy bit in bold below...I just didn't have any idea on how to start this.


When the world went to shit, I had nothing. Nobody to help me survive, no weapons. Luckily though I ran into Lori, Shane and Carl on the highway and they let me travel with them. At first I thought that they were a family but when Rick came into the picture, I realised I was wrong. Before all of this I was just Nurse Lily Richards. Nothing exciting going on in my life. Now however, my life...

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Check his bedroom- yknow what don't do that I heard moans *shivers uncomfortably*
The time is now... Hershel you know what to do... INFINITE SHOTGUN MODE ACTIVATED
oBsEsSiVe___ oBsEsSiVe___ Jul 04, 2017
Why can't you stop being a hoe and actually pay attention to your kid for once?
bidleybop227 bidleybop227 Dec 11, 2016
Hello? Hershels infinite shotgun ammo... its a joke.  Take it or leave it
onceuponapirate onceuponapirate Dec 15, 2016
I'm an angel with a shotgun (crossbow) fighting till the wars won! I don't care if Heaven won't take me baackk
creepears creepears Nov 13, 2016
maybe bc you scarred the child by HAVING SEX RIGHT NEXT TO HIM IN THAT TENT