From Brothers To Lovers

From Brothers To Lovers

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Ethan confesses his love for Grayson. Will people accept him? And does Grayson feel the same towards Ethan?

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Straight up and down straight up straight up straight up annnddd down~bruno mars 😂😂😂 sorry
dustmop dustmop Jul 08
Why tf have I not read this before, I already love this book
im so happy that she didn't like disown him or something but my poor babyyy
Ikr when i say that to people they stare at me like bish what; it's not their fault if they're in love.. incest isn't causing anything bad so what do you want from them
Awwww poor ethan it's always ethan who falls in love with Gray I realized in the fics
I FEEL LIKE if I have TWINS and THEY are LIKE GOOD looking and I SEE em kiss imma Fangirl lmaoo