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Kaname's Unknown Twin (Kaname x reader)

Kaname's Unknown Twin (Kaname x reader)

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East_America By East_America Updated Mar 26

Kouzai Kuran is Kaname's twin sister. Why no one knows her? It's because she erased there memories. Why? You ask, to keep her friends and family safe from Rido. Why is Rido after her? Because she is the most powerful pure blood EVER! And the fact she has never drank blood in her LIFE!!! I know crazy right? She was also a friend of everyone in the night class! And when she left she made new friends! Heck! She was the one who told Kaien that some vampires want to coexist with humans! And she inspired him to create Cross academy! What happens when he asked her to join with her two friends? What happens when she meets her friends and family again?

Well read to find all that out!

Sorry I suck at descriptions oh and in this story there will be some zero x oc and ichiru x oc
The oc's with zero and ichiru will not be the main character so they will end up with them.
Sincerely Bell-chan~! <3
OH and I do not own vampire knight and most of the pics in this

Hime_1804 Hime_1804 Oct 23, 2016
Hooray another Yuki disliker! I nvr did like yuki for some reason. She's like one of ur typical shook heroine. Even those other heroine can't seem to make me dislike them. It's just yuki n a few other setreotypes.
AlfaWolf21 AlfaWolf21 Aug 26, 2016
Sadly there alive, my reaction when I read it was:😂😂😂😂😂 then:😭😭😭😭😭
Someone did think of it I thought I was the only one who wondered if It was kaname that had a twin
AlfaWolf21 AlfaWolf21 Aug 26, 2016
Yuki is an awful character! She can't do ANYTHING! And what does she do about it? NOTHING! SHE EXCEPTED IT!!
-taestae -taestae Jan 05
                              RIDO IS MAH BAE
FaiRune FaiRune Sep 23, 2016
Who else here don't or Hate Yuki...
                              I hate her personally