We Saved Each Other

We Saved Each Other

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Ashley J By Ashley22j Completed

Suddenly I crash into what feels like a brick wall and fall to the ground. "Ow." I look up to see a guy. 
Spencer Gold, to be exact. Ah, the jerk. 

"Watch where your going,nerd." He snaps, glaring at me. 

"No, you watch where your going, jerk." I snap back at him. I try not to wither away under his fierce yet gorgeous green eyes. Hopefully he recognizes me. Time to bring up the soccer game. "I know you." I add accusingly. 

"No you don't." He hisses. 

"Yea i do, I beat you at a soccer match, remember." I say a bit louder so people can hear me. 

"Whatever, watch your back nerd." He finishes, then stomps away. 
Jessica Michaels. New girl at school. Good girl. 17 years old. Ordinary girl with a not so ordinary life.  She has a past and has gone through her fair share of sadness. She plays soccer. She was always happy, always laughing and always smiling, but what happened? Why did she move? Will this new town be filled with the change she is looking for? Will she change? And if so will it be a good change? 

Spencer Gold. Bad boy in town. Hates everyone but his best friend. 17 years old. Plays soccer. All The girls want him, and all the guys want to be him. But he is cold, rude, never happy and never smiles. Why is he also so negative? Will that ever change? Will he change?  And if so will it be a good change? 

What happens when the two polar opposites collided. Will hell break lose? Or will there become a bond? If they change each other how will they do it? Will they save each other from themselves?

Warning! This book includes corny jokes, knee-slapping humour, loads of sarcasm, ships that will just make you want to scream at them, and some very emotional moments that will even get the biggest of big girls weeping. Also contains mild swearing, read at your own risk! Dun, dun, dun! 

It has a very slow beginning, but it gets better as it continues! 
Cover by @vega_adams

Completed September 5, 2016

Me too I was like Lily when j was younger and my older sister was like Jess now I am like Jess and my younger sister is like Lily
I stalked this gurl @BooksByVillanueva and I saw she was reading this and the description seems nice so cliche soo let's do this *cracks fingers and grabs popcorn*
Ha! That's literally what I think of all the time. Soccer, soccer, soccer. I look s
                              At fields, see if they're good or big enough, etc.
I also like math! Its underrated. People just think its hard when in reality its very easy!
This literally explains me. In the future, I'm going to try volleyball out. Quite fun, if you ask me.
Ashley22j Ashley22j Dec 02, 2015
Sorry people for the extremely short first chapter. I promise the other ones are way longer!!