We Saved Each Other

We Saved Each Other

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"Everyone has their own bubble. They get wrapped up in their own lives, tangling certain people up with them in their maybe perfect life. Or maybe their not-so-perfect life. And it is my greatest pleasure to be tangled up in Spencer Gold's not-so-perfect perfect life. " -Jessica Michaels 

  Jessica Michaels. The perfect Georgian peach with the once perfect life at the ripe age of seventeen. But then it all change in an instant, and she's moving to a little town. With a piece of pizza, a soccer ball, and her hilarious little sister she gets through life just living. She has a past and has gone through her fair share of sadness. So what the hell happened to her? She was once the most social, serene teenage girl in the world, so what changed that? Will she ever smile like that again? 

   Spencer Gold. The town's most cliché bad boy at age seventeen. With his classic leather jacket, slick motorcycle, and fancy British ways Spencer gets through high school hating everyone but his best friend and his soccer team. All The girls want him, and all the guys want to be him. But he's egoistical, rude, deadly, and overall menacing. Will his rude, ruthless demeanour ever change?  For the good? 

What happens when these two polar opposites collided. Will hell break lose? Or will there become a bond? If they change each other how will they do it? Will they save each other from themselves?

Warning! This book includes corny jokes, knee-slapping humour, loads of sarcasm, ships that will just make you want to scream at them, and some very emotional moments that will even get the biggest of big girls weeping. Also contains mild swearing, read at your own risk! Dun, dun, dun! 

Completed September 5, 2016

ImagineSkyline ImagineSkyline Dec 24, 2016
I've read all the books she read, except for The Fault In Our Stars...
Who wears cleats inside the house and just for casual wear?😂😂
_Amabie_ _Amabie_ Dec 12, 2016
My little pony theme song is playing in my head (I'm not embarrassed those ponies are my happiness)
ecdemos ecdemos Jan 13
I really like it!! And trust me this is long compared to some other story's I've read 👏👏
NotAfredOfYou NotAfredOfYou Dec 20, 2016
guys i think i'm being possessed because i cant stop smiling because of this chapter for some reason
NotAfredOfYou NotAfredOfYou Dec 20, 2016
im just scrolling through all the comment sections there are to find my comments lmao #rrr