Love Olympus

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As a child Venus had an Imaginary friend like any other kid. When she wakes up one morning to find him claiming he's not really imaginary, but her Kupid. Things take a drastic turn as he reveals he’s accidentally gambled away her life for a game.
**story is good**... Sorry its already 5nish...but I can't sleep... Pardon for the typo error.. 
It's about 7 billion now.. Haha people reproduce veryyyy quickly
For goodness sake, everyone is different! And being different isn't a bad thing!  Do you see people with the same personality everywhere? I hope not.
This book used to be titled "the love games."
                                    It is another version I guess of hunger games and I don't think the author is trying to rip off hunger games but I do love this version
OMG this is like the hunger games but they are not fighting for food
It's like the hunger games but yano, involving cupids and demons and stuff, so not really like THG but yeahhh....,