Konoha's Bloody Moon

Konoha's Bloody Moon

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HIATUS By Rin_Chi_Hatake Updated Aug 16, 2016

"You want my name? You don't need to know it. You want my story? You don't need to know me. You want to know my dream? It quite simple, it's to die. You want to know one thing about me? Everyone around me dies." - Yuuna 

There is a little girl that knows nothing but that she needs to die. Her life? She has none. Her family, gone. Her friends, died. Her dreams, died with her family. Her best friend, she killed. Her teammates, she murdered. Her sensei, committed suicide. They all did one thing in common, they left her all alone. She looks back at all her memories with them and losses her emotions. Her eyes look, what people call it, dead. She became distant, like she disappeared from the background. She's like an ANBU, hides in the shadow and protects the village. The Hokage sends her on missions for her to earn money. Not simple D class missions no, she takes on B-rank to S-rank missions on her own. What makes her so special? She's way above her class, much more greater than the so called 'genius' Sasuke. She's known as one thing and one thing only,"Konoha's Bloody Moon."

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