Demigods at Hogwarts

Demigods at Hogwarts

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accio potatoe is a good name By Dam_fandom_feels Updated Apr 12

Have the demigods after two wars earned some peace? Apparently not. When chiron announces a new quest the demigods will have to face the hardest one But this school is different.

Hogwarts is fixed and the golden trio is returning hoping for a normal year for once but with the arrival of some new students it doesn't seem like they're going to get one.

 Will they be friends or enemies?

Draco should be a demigod, and I won't hate you, I'm twelve too
That's nice Leo, so kind*heavy with sarcasm*
                              Wizards:DIE LEO CALDEZ
DettaDrake DettaDrake Apr 04
Eagle hair? That's funny though, reminds me of Maui, from Moana, when he turns into an eagle he has hair 😂😂
I'm thirteen, love. I'm sure it'll be wonderful. <3 The more you practice the better you get. <3
                              And it's up to you, hun. It's your story.
And at this very moment, I can tell the reader is English.
                              Sign: Moldy spelled with a "u"
Definitely leo, I mean how do u get that out of Hogwarts unless ur brain is leo-wired😹