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Yandere Danny phantom x reader

Yandere Danny phantom x reader

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Fifty Shades of Doritos By Emilypizarro100 Updated Jan 01

Run,Run That's all i could think of.I look around,frightened was the feeling i have.People running,screamimg,and looking for safety.How could he I think while still running.The destructive monster,the person who i trusted the most,was terrorising the city.why did you change I thought with sadness.I stop where i was running and look up in the sky.A green,swirling,looking vortex.I was about to run again when i heard his voice 
"Where do you think your going!"I look up to see..."Danny."

Tucker:Why you stop writing 
Me:Because i can -_-
I may update today or tomorrow.As for now...
Box ghost:Beware!!!
Me:i was going to say vote and comment but that works to! 

People freak out over Yanderes but I love them. I'd be grateful to have someone love me like that. ;-;
Dj-Sparkle Dj-Sparkle Sep 12, 2016
You mean Fluffle Puff the flufiest  pink pony in Equestria XD
CrankiplierPlease CrankiplierPlease Dec 31, 2015
TBH,  I'm not scared of Yandere Boys,  I think their obsession is nice.