My chemical romance preferences/imagines

My chemical romance preferences/imagines

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emo meme-o By sewerslidesilence Updated Oct 30

Ray: sweet and gentle. He kisses you as if he's afraid he'll break you if he's too rough.

Mikey: very shy. And if you're in public, he won't do more than a chaste kiss on the lips.

Gerard: he doesn't care if you're in public, he'll make out with you anywhere.

Frank: He'll grab you and make out with you in an extremely public place just to embarrass you.

Suits me fine.
                              As long as I can occasionally wear the black parade jacket
In all honesty all of us would probably be down do to "it" in public if we're doing "it" with Gerard Way
KikaKitty13 KikaKitty13 Jun 04
*Blushes a dark red* I-I'm not c-complaining? *Blushes a darker red (if that's even possible) from embarrassment*