Safe With Me (Solangelo AU) (Sequel to Safe In My Arms)

Safe With Me (Solangelo AU) (Sequel to Safe In My Arms)

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Problematic Side Hoe By sun_angel_ Updated Aug 01, 2016

This is the sequel to Safe In My Arms, so read that first please!

Read with caution; contains quite a lot of things which might be triggering.


Nico and Will are married, and they think that can finally be happy together.

Unfortunately, their tranquillity doesn't last long. Problems keep arising, and after an especially bad event, happiness seems unfathomable. 

Will solangelo ever be happy?

jkol01 jkol01 Sep 18, 2016
Safe in my arms was so good it made me cry and that's hard to do.
PineTree3360 PineTree3360 May 11, 2016
oh no i just finished safe in my arms im scared dont kill me with the feels... actually i already died after mark of athena so nevermind carry on then.
literal_fandom_trash literal_fandom_trash Sep 21, 2016
                              This has nothing to do with what  im commenting on but im really mad about the pun in the description that wasn't okay
MidnightMoon12346 MidnightMoon12346 Jul 21, 2016
I wake up I'm triggered
                              I take a shower I'm triggered
                              I get dressed I'm triggered
HappyFangirl4913 HappyFangirl4913 Jun 21, 2016
If there are crazy boyfriends, comas, homophobic people, or anything else, I'm gonna screech. Loudly.
xxDarkChildOfHadesxx xxDarkChildOfHadesxx Aug 17, 2016
Well what's a fanfiction without this stuff anyway like?
                              You kíll me author-chan and I will haunt you forever!!! And ever!!! Eternal haunting will be brought upon you okay!?