With the Lights Off...

With the Lights Off...

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Camille Bautista By MeJustCamille Updated Oct 31, 2016

Being co-stars, dodging dating rumors, finally ending up a couple, breaking it off a few months later, and being co-stars again...

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder always seem to be the target of Fate. The Apple of the Paparazzi's eyes, they find it difficult to keep a good working relationship after their murky break-up.

"He cheated on me with her," Nina announces to the world. "Ian cheated on me with Ashley Greene."

"She's been going behind my back, seeing that Evan Williams whenever we fought," Ian fires back. "She's the one who cheated first."

But what happens when Destiny appears in the form of a new TV show? 

Ironically enough, they end up auditioning for the same show, getting the leads without one knowing about the other. Hollywood bursts into chaos after finding out that NIan are playing Lexi Reinhart and Harry Morgan (Larry :*) in the TV production of the famous book, Lights. 

Unable to drop out of the project, fearing any chance of Blackballing, Nina and Ian try their best to work together. It takes a few TAKES to get it right, but they always seem to exude their NIan chemistry without trying so hard. A few fights, a few words tossed back and forth, and a few walk-outs on set prove enough that their romance - and their friendship - are hanging by a thin, thin thread.

For the cameras, they were exes getting over their murky breakup in the worst way possible.

Off the cameras, they were an ex-couple yelling at each other till they lose it.

With the lights off... they didn't have to pretend. Because in the dark, there are things that could happen that you can't explain.

For Nina and Ian, falling back in each other's arms is something that doesn't need explanation.

iwasfeelingepic816 iwasfeelingepic816 Jul 16, 2016
juliadelenanian juliadelenanian Apr 04, 2015
I was soooooo confused  First i thought it's a 1D fanfiction 
DysenteryAnalyn DysenteryAnalyn Nov 18, 2014
OHMYGOD! Finally I found the NIAN fanfiction that I want! I want it to be just themselves, as in as Nina and Ian. Thank you girl!
totesbookworm totesbookworm Apr 27, 2014
lol I was really confused at first czof the names. and then I thought it might b like one of those stories where ian as harry and nina as lexi. But the CUT sealed the deal
MeJustCamille MeJustCamille Apr 23, 2013
@Egghead66 Thanks loves! :DD You are sooooo AWESOME! :DD Let me know what you think, okay? xx
Egghead66 Egghead66 Apr 22, 2013
OMG!Love Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.
                              So excited.xxxxThis is going to be an amazing story!xx