Inexplicable Thoughts

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Cake-chan By Cupcake-sama Updated 6 months ago
Ladies and Gentleman! Thank you for stumbling over this lovely story of mine. You are probably wondering what's all this about right? Well. We welcome our main character Haru. Yes. Haru. She's a not so normal mere female. In fact, she's no where near to being a normal human. Haru is a badass fighter, Shinigami, hollow, a soon to be leader of the kannagi clan--scratch that--She's the only survivor of the kannagi clan and reals the crimson blade. 
    Does she know all of this?
    Yes but she tends to pretend like none of this is true. Why? Cause explaining of this to a mere human would be absolutely impossible, in fact the human will not even understand or believe such unbelievable story. Haru lives in Kakura, just a few houses near our soul society hero, Ichigo Kurosaki. If you don't know him then is quite a shame cause almost everyone does. Haru starts going to Kakura high school where she meets our lovely orange strawberry Ichigo.
    Not only she meets Ichigo, she meets our lovely short tsundere Rukia, our big-chested completely simple-minded Orihime, our skinny-legs yet smart brain Uryu, our kind heart Chad, and the rest of our crazy soul-society peeps. But there is some secrets that will soon be revealed. Is Haru really Aizen's niece? Is Haru currently in her body? Will her love for Ichigo come back? Did she ever love him in the first place? What if she starts liking his hollow?
Really good