The Fifth Descendant

The Fifth Descendant

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C.L.Brierley By CLBrierley Updated Aug 11

You've heard of the Descendants right? Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil? Evie, daughter of the evil queen? Jay, son of Jafar? Mal, daughter of Maleficent? 

Well what if there was a fifth Descendant? One who was cunning, crafty, and not bad with a sword? And not to mention, the child of the terrifying Captain Hook.

That's right. Even he had a kid. A blue eyed girl called Hazel Janet Hook, or just Hazel for short. She is just as evil and vicious, and ruthless and cruel, and as rotten to the core as the other Descendants. 

Only difference is, she has...feelings. Feelings for another Descendant. It isn't Carlos or Evie or Mal. They are her best friends. 

It's a certain thieving boy that has a bit of a soft spot for her as well and is just as playful with her as she is with him. 

What happens when have to go to a boarding school to steal the fairy godmother's magic wand? 

Will the feelings grow into something like passion? 


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