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Belle and the Beast

Belle and the Beast

27.9K Reads 1.3K Votes 9 Part Story
Kim Black By K-Black Completed


This is my own short remake of 'Beauty and the Beast'.
The names, setting and plot twist will be slightly different but I still hope you guys give it a chance. Only Belle's name will remain unchanged.
Belle is the youngest daughter of seven children. Her father is a well known detective in the state of New Jersey. When he is being called to Seattle for a 'killer beast in the woods', the family packed and made their way there. 
Her whole family didn't like the idea of moving to a new place, except Belle that was more than excited and eager to meet the legendary beast.

A/N: Since this story will be short, I'll publish all the chapters at once and mark it as complete. 
I really hope you guys like it.

Imp. The kingdom Angride is not real. It's just a fictional name from my mind.

  • alexander
  • angride
  • beast
  • beauty
  • belle
  • castle
  • curse
  • detective
  • killer
  • love
  • magic
  • past
  • police
  • romance
  • sacrifice
  • shortstory
  • truelove
  • ugly
  • victim
  • witch