I'M IN WHAT?! [Naruto Fanfic]

I'M IN WHAT?! [Naruto Fanfic]

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エクリプヒーウ By Anime_is_life188 Updated Jun 09


She is said to be beautiful. A girl with a bright future. A child that every parent would ask for. But does she care? Of course not.

This was Alice Garcia. A twelve year old girl that grew to hate people with hidden agendas to use her. Born in a family with many fortune has its ups and downs. Well, too many downs that is. Even though she was a child of an elite family, she was an otaku that many people looks down and judge upon. Being an otaku she is, Alice didn't expect that a single night can change her life with a perfect storm up ahead.

"Humans are simple-minded creatures that would do their ways to live and survive in another day. They are frivolous and selfish creatures. But, that is one of the aspect that I find interesting to them."

With her existence in the world she merely thought as fiction bring distortion in the series? Maybe it will, but Alice will find a way to atleast have fun to the show and its characters.

Disclaimer: I don't own the series and its original characters. I merely own my fabulous OC. The rest is rightfully owned by Masashi Kishimoto.

Author: Anime_is_life188

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Dang... So I have -0 blood, I'm rare, so then where does AB end up on the rarity scale?
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We better keep an eye on her... She might be dangerous ~.~ (OHSHC)
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.. she looks just like me except my eyes ised to be a dull green blue color but now its grey