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I'M IN WHAT?! [Naruto Fanfic]

I'M IN WHAT?! [Naruto Fanfic]

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エクリプヒーウ By Anime_is_life188 Updated Dec 29, 2016


She is said to be beautiful. A girl with a bright future. A child that every parent would ask for. But does she care? Of course not.

This was Alice Garcia. A twelve year old girl that grew to hate people with hidden agendas to use her. Born in a family with many fortune has its ups and downs. Well, too many downs that is. Even though she was a child of an elite family, she was an otaku that many people looks down and judge upon. Being an otaku she is, Alice didn't expect that a single night can change her life with a perfect storm up ahead.

"Humans are simple-minded creatures that would do their ways to live and survive in another day. They are frivolous and selfish creatures. But, that is one of the aspect that I find interesting to them."

With her existence in the world she merely thought as fiction bring distortion in the series? Maybe it will, but Alice will find a way to atleast have fun to the show and its characters.

Disclaimer: I don't own the series and its original characters. I merely own my fabulous OC. The rest is rightfully owned by Masashi Kishimoto.

Author: Anime_is_life188

yuki078 yuki078 Jan 22
Welp damn, this is probably going to be the best fanfic I will ever read
YomiIsayama86 YomiIsayama86 Jun 14, 2016
You ainy deadpool so.... the hell are you trying to break the fourth wall!?
AsunaXI AsunaXI Jan 27
Im 10 and their growing ;-; my chest feels so damn weird when I jump...
animelover1101 animelover1101 Aug 12, 2016
Not Wall Maria AGAIN. Oh wait. Nm. It's just the FOURTH FCKIN WALL.
animetransformers12 animetransformers12 Feb 20, 2016
If people don't like naruto I'm fine with that its when they judge you for liking it
ZoeKraft ZoeKraft May 14, 2016
I got the sealing justu @Midnight_Wendy Hurry up with the duck tape. -___-