I Prefer the Drummer {completed}

I Prefer the Drummer {completed}

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Xzander Tobias By xzandertobias Completed

The Josh Dun part of my Twenty Øne Piløts fanfics. I have the Tyler one already out and completed, so go read if you're interested!

Still just a fluff because I feel too awkward writing smut about people who are actually real. K? K C:

Written in 1st Person POV.

_Natashi_ _Natashi_ Aug 14
*takes a picture and posts it online with the caption: YEAH, BE JEALOUS BITCHES!!!
                              Jk, but I would post it
_Natashi_ _Natashi_ Aug 14
Ew. >~<
                              I'm just gonna change that to Starbucks
                              Vanilla Frappe and banana bread, thank you very much
*licks paper* 
                              DONT LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! DADDA DUN TOUCHED THIS 
                              Move outta the way laura. Im the new mamma dun
shtDookie shtDookie Mar 28
I saw Tabitha, and I immidiantly knew the Phandom was going to take over the comments xD
Aaaaaaand the phandom's here already... Tab... March 20th was alien abduction day and I thoight Josh Dun was going to spiral down from the heavens and bring me into outerspace with Tabitha Howlter
Does that make josha stalker if he knew my adress?
                              I'm not complaining