Roommates ♡ Jack G

Roommates ♡ Jack G

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"Vanessa, fucking have it your way. Since you always think your right. But I kissed you for a reason." 

I waited for a response. There was a short pause before I heard the words, 

"I still love you." 

I stood there, fiddling with my thumbs and trying to consume his words. Fuck, fuck, fuck. How could I not expect this? I'm not being cocky, but, yeah, he kissed me for a reason. He's acted like he's hated me and I have too. Don't get me wrong I still had a burning hateful passion after the final breakup. 

"I need to go." I grabbed my phone and my keys to the dorm. 

He sighed in disappointment and plopped down on the bed, in defeat. 

"You can't just run away from all of your problems, Van." 

"But you can't get rid of them easily."

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hypezack hypezack Aug 11
Definitely sharing this one😊 I like it so far and I'm only on chapter one!😂