Something Flutters

Something Flutters

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hunhanchanbaek By hunhantasy Updated Nov 24, 2015

Fluttering moments from an unlikely love story. 

   "When did things change between us?" 
                                                                                                     "I would never want to see you get hurt." 
    "Sounds like you're falling in love."
    "Yeah right."
                                                                                                            "I won't leave. Promise."
    "And why can't I be with him?"
    "Because he's not me!" 
                                                                                   "This was supposed to be perfect, but it's not. Why?" 
   "Am I your first?"
                                                                                   "I'm amazed yet terrified over how much I love you." 
  "Please don't go."
                                                                                                                                    "What is it that you want?!"
                                                                                                                                    "You. I want you." 
  "How can I love you any more than I already do?"
                                                                                                                                    "Since when?"
                                                                                                                                    "Since the beginning."
  "I wouldn't change a thing." 
                                                                                                                                    "Will you be my last?"

*Disclamer: This story doesn't belong to me. It belong to fantasy_seoul from asianfanfics.

I'm happy and pissed all at the same time and this is only the first chapter
Soonyoungforever Soonyoungforever Sep 28, 2016
Man I didn't have lockers in 6th grade! I had a shelf for my homeroom! I didn't get lockers until this year! This year was new for me sense I have to go around the full school and not just the end of the hallway.
Soonyoungforever Soonyoungforever Sep 28, 2016
4 numbers? I only have 3! Lucky me! But I technically have 6 in totally becuz of my gym locker.
Soonyoungforever Soonyoungforever Sep 28, 2016
Wait I don't understand!?!? Why is everyone going "blaze it!"?????
thebeatingmelody thebeatingmelody Dec 17, 2016
Wow... the only locker legit taped off at my school. LMAO 😂
lforever lforever Oct 17, 2016
Just I wanna know something.....  DOES HE LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM?!!!!!!!😠😠😠😬😬😬😬😈😈😈😈