Doppelgängers ▸ Stefan Salvatore vs Damon Salvatore

Doppelgängers ▸ Stefan Salvatore vs Damon Salvatore

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❝ Why do I look like her? ❞

Back in 1864 it wasn't Katherine Pierce who the Salvatore brothers were in love with. No it was her sister Isabella Pierce.

Rachel Gilbert felt like her world had ended when her parents drove off of Wickery bridge with her in the backseat. That was the last time she would ever see them. 

This caused the once bubbly girl to become depressed. She shut her friends out. She shut her brother and sister out.

But when a handsome Stefan Salvatore arrives she feels the pain become less and less each day. The only problem is Elena feels the same way.

( The Vampire Diaries | 1x01 - tbd )
( Stefan Salvatore x Female Oc x Damon Salvatore )
( Rachel Gilbert Stand Alone )

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-voiddodie -voiddodie Feb 26
When your name is Rachel and you're lowkey happy they didn't add the extra a.
The plural of Doppelgänger isn't Doppelgängers. The plural of Doppelgänger is Doppelgänger.
peterpaulmary peterpaulmary Nov 28, 2015
Does this mean that Katherine isn't evil and her sister is or is it still the same?