Not My Mate

Not My Mate

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You May Call Me MotherCarrot By directionerforlife1q Updated Jun 21, 2017

"It's over Riley"
"you're done running"

4 years, that's how long Riley has been hiding from him.
4 years, that's how long Caden has been looking for her.

And one day he will wake up to her scent, her smell. He'll track her and he'll find her with no one stopping him, she won't be able to hide from him, not anymore.

"I've waited long enough for you Riley"


Caden and I would never be together. He would regret finding me. I know he would reject me once he finds out who I am.
I'm nowhere near perfect, not for him, not for anyone.
What could he possibly do with a clumsy, shy and insecure girl?

I would never make a good Luna, one to run by his side, one to give him everything he needs and desires for, one he could be proud of.
I'm just  servant, I work for him.
He would never want me for a mate.


But he wants her, or at least wants to find her, know who she is.
And once he has her, he'll make sure she's his.
Only his.
For no one else to touch, 
to kiss, to love, to desire.


Will Caden be able to break through her shell?
Win her heart, body and soul?
Or will he let go of what he's been dying to find?

Will Riley be strong enough, to be put through all this and remain at Caden's side?
Or will hearts be broken once again?

This sure promises to be a bumpy ride. So buckle up and stay in your seat, for you might miss some of the lovers' heat.

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Foodlover717 Foodlover717 Aug 21, 2017
Did I read fries and waffles? *books the next plane ticket to Belgium* 😂
Amyrandomk Amyrandomk Dec 02, 2016
Well you're better at English than most people in my class and its there 1st language
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Yesssss, ik ben niet de enige die Nederlands spreekt!! (PS ik ben niet Belgisch, ik kom uit Nederland).
                              I'll leave it to all the English people to figure out what I just said/typed.
WhenWillYouNoticeMe WhenWillYouNoticeMe Jun 07, 2015
This is a very LOVELY and WONDERFUL story!!!! :) Just don't mind people who are bushing you, Show them what you've got!!! Thubs up for this exiting story!! :)
happyelyse happyelyse Oct 22, 2014
I seen the trailer on YouTube so I'm reading this now no bad comets here .
avani28 avani28 Sep 14, 2014
the awesome book i have ever read...pleaseeee update,,,,dying to read further..!!!!!!