Lucien's Dream Mate

Lucien's Dream Mate

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M.N.Bryan By MNBryan Updated Sep 26, 2015

After being kidnapped, 19-year-old Anastasia is saved by the sexy wereshifter she has been dreaming of for the last 2 years. What happens when you come face to face with your dream man? 

19-year-old Anastasia has dreamt of her gorgeous mystery man since she was 17 years old. Being raised as a human, she had no idea that she is part gifted and wolf, making her a Taimen: being 2 or more "species". As time goes by and she starts having weird experiences, she convinces herself they are coincidences.  She's about to figure out, she's a part of a powerful bloodline. When danger closes in her sexy dream man comes to her rescue.

26-year-old Lucien is an ex-special op now turned Varaities', who has been busy learning how to take care of a 6-month-old baby girl named, Sun. Sun became Lucien's responsibility after a mission gone wrong with his best friend Mike, which resulted in Mikes death. Still dedicated to the job, when His father "Boss man" updates Lucien's unit on Anastasia's kidnapping, he knows he has to save her. Even if it kills him.

Extra info:
What is a varities? A genetically altered human that created in a government program called 'Fur corp'. The main objective was to create highly intelligent soldiers, with animal abilities. Whether it be; tiger, leopard, bear, coyote, etc., they all come in variety. 

Please note: This book contains steamy explicit sex scenes that can make any paties drop, foul language, sensitive issues, and one sexy alpha ready to claim his mate. ENJOY!

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