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greycen :; sam winchester

greycen :; sam winchester

48.2K Reads 2.1K Votes 12 Part Story
Sammy Winchester By lysa1201 Completed

"it's greycen."

sam winchester simply said,

because he always knew.

arw_lol arw_lol Dec 13, 2016
I came from
                              The "drink" fanfic with Dean and I'm scared to read this thanks to the reaction of a reference
smallnugget34 smallnugget34 Jun 06, 2016
Dam...I just got my cat groomed and shaved down. NOW WHAT WILL I DO?!?
Mew001 Mew001 Jun 05, 2016
*Grabs longhaired cat, cries into its fur, looks up at my brother when he comes in*
                              Brother: SINCE WHEN DO YOU HAVE A BEARD!!?
avadoll5 avadoll5 Jul 05, 2016
i am on a plane i do not have tissues or a cat i came very unprepared
fflueyy fflueyy Dec 07, 2015
oh gosh, idk if I'm ready for another heartbreak, but my kitten is snuggles with me and I'm using a Kleenex bow as a pillow, so let's do this