Feeling Good|Curvy (ON HOLD)

Feeling Good|Curvy (ON HOLD)

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Kittykiraxox By kittykira Updated Jun 15, 2016

Everyday for the past 23 years I've felt like a waste of space. Not only did people make me feel inferior but it was me that caused the most damage. With all the name calling and ridiculing, I stood by myself. Loathing and hating myself for not being what society wanted me to be. 'What's wrong with you!' 'Why are you so gross!' I'd scream to myself. 

It will be my mission to love myself and feel good about me. 

"Tomorrow is a new day."

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Aardell Aardell May 10
Same my sis is 3 years older than me but when we are together she is like a 10 years old we have lots of fun together we love each other and we don't fight that much we get crazy and do stupid things
I'm 13 and I'm going into women's tf u skinny I'm fat I was a 12 at 9
Ummmmm I agree with all the comments. My size is bigger then that and I'm not even that big so she must be skinny. Size 14 is not plus size
Pefe1235 Pefe1235 Dec 26, 2016
I could understand being happy for having a feeling something good was going to happen but because it was the first day of school? ..............
Humanoid_Vampire98 Humanoid_Vampire98 Mar 16, 2016
I agree! Me and my sis are 9 years different but we aint care about that! We always have fun together like we're at the same age
Julie-Jeanette Julie-Jeanette Mar 02, 2016
This poor girl needs some self esteem. She's not even heavy!