You Found Me (Phanfiction)

You Found Me (Phanfiction)

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Phil is a first year intern in hopes to be a great surgeon one day. When there's an accident involving a ferry a little boy Jake Howell approaches him begging him to save his father, Dan. Before he knows it he finds himself getting attached to the little boy and his father.

Warning: Mentions of blood. And that's pretty much it.

A/N: So yeah, we have been watching A LOT of Grey's Anatomy and got inspired to write this :3

It's Jake, from State Farm 
                              I'll  go home....
when I was little I climb the tree and saw squirrels matting :)
                              um soooooooo um hi everyone hru
Okay i swear to god if someone dies *doing a spitting mouth form* i will spit in my cousin's phone. (because she is next to me)
jake the dog and phil the human *something, something don't know the lyrics*  adventure time
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@CesarinaMcDaniel you told me to read this and know I'm crying.
Doctors are supposed to keep you healthy, but they make bank when you're really sick