You Found Me (Phanfiction)

You Found Me (Phanfiction)

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Phil is a first year intern in hopes to be a great surgeon one day. When there's an accident involving a ferry a little boy Jake Howell approaches him begging him to save his father, Dan. Before he knows it he finds himself getting attached to the little boy and his father.

Warning: Mentions of blood. And that's pretty much it.

A/N: So yeah, we have been watching A LOT of Grey's Anatomy and got inspired to write this :3

Love_Lasercorn Love_Lasercorn Nov 24, 2016
Dans mind
                              Let's see well I'm being crushed by a truck. People are dead everywhere. Hmmm... what do I say? Well I mean I Guys is helping me. Huh? I should compliment him. 
                              R U KIDDING ME
_LmaoFlop_ _LmaoFlop_ Jul 03, 2016
Wait I thought she called Phil Sophia and I was like bitch no
                              Second sentence into a story and I realize I need sleep
Ok but my actual name is Kendell and I don't watch Chris's channel so it's weird whenever i randomly see my name
CassieBridges CassieBridges Nov 27, 2016
Dan: *is dying and Phil is trying to help him*
                              Inner Dan: Tell him he's cute
danisnotgay danisnotgay Nov 25, 2016
if you were about to die and the only person there was phil fuçking lester, tell me you wouldn't tell him he's cute
When I was 7 I fell out of a tree and broke my clavicle 😂😂