Return of Rumplestiltskin

Return of Rumplestiltskin

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Scarlett Avery Blackbourne By ScarlettBlackbourne Updated Nov 10

Remember the tale of Rumplestiltskin?
Yes, the tale where a child was promised to him in exchange for spinning straw into gold.
The same tale where he was fooled and was forced away.

Now he's back and he will claim what was promised to him.
The child.

A deal is a deal.

*A fairy tale twist. 18 years after the original tale of Rumplestiltskin.*

Princess Erinne is entering adulthood. Being the granddaughter of nothing but a miller, her introduction to royalty and aristocracy is no trip in the park. As the day she turns eighteen comes around, an old acquaintance of her mother makes an appearance, claiming her as his.  

*If you are not familiar or had already forgotten the fairy tale 'Rumplestiltskin', I suggest you read it first before reading this.*
*To make it very, very clear, this is the story of the daughter of the girl in Rumplestiltskin*

VieBreeze11 VieBreeze11 Sep 05
This has definitely capture my attention. Beginning to fall in love with this story.
That moment when you can't read this without having rumple from OUAT
sparrowed sparrowed Oct 13, 2015
Interesting start. Another fairy tale twist to look forward to! :)