The Fighter Meets The Alpha

The Fighter Meets The Alpha

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Moe the Giraffe By xX_Dream_Mystical_Xx Completed

Maxine Jackson lost her parents, not like she cared though, she really never had them to begin with. She was only fifteen when she was left alone, having to fend for herself. She had to find her own way to do that without the pity she despised so much.

The way Maxine decided to make a living was to go a train in street fighting through the underground; the illegal chains of fighting, racing, drug marketing, and much more. She learned from the best and quickly became the best and feared just from her shear determination. Over the years, her anger had built up more and more and she channeled it through the fighting, trying to escape her past.

She soon realize that she was becoming like her father, always fighting and never did anything good. Maxine quickly stopped fighting and hid away. Packing up everything she had, which wasn't much, and moved away. Had to move away from everyone that knew her and her ways. She had to get a fresh start.

From her fighting days, she gained enough money to get far enough away from everything she ever knew. She went and never looked back. Max thought she was getting away from the craziness and drama from her old life, but it had only got crazier.

Through the move, she discovered something that that should only exist in storybooks and fantasy, but it was all true. And she became a part of it. It's hard to take in and understand saying she was mated to a werewolf alpha.

Will Max accept the alpha and the new world she was thrown into? Will the past she tried so hard to keep locked away and hidden make itself known? What will happen if they find out?



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  • acceptance
  • alpha
  • difficult
  • mates
  • pack
  • past
  • realization
  • reveal
  • secrets
  • streetfighter
  • taken
  • truth
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DarkWolve02 DarkWolve02 Sep 03
I don't know... I would only want to throw rainbows at my enemies...
QueenJayC QueenJayC Mar 21
                              I'm just picturing what my baby sis would say rn😂
                              It would go something like this... "Nuuuh! Im not cwute! Im awdorwable!" She's so Imature!😘
bossomeCatQueen bossomeCatQueen Jul 15, 2016
I'm the same when someone calls me weird I say I know or thank you
xXUnderlandXx xXUnderlandXx Jul 22, 2016
Finally, a book where someone freely curses. I hate when they cut then off or use stupid swears
Sigh.  I don't like the cover, it made me not want to read it