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Little Dragon Warrior [Akatsuki no Yona x Reader]

Little Dragon Warrior [Akatsuki no Yona x Reader]

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L_A_Studios By L_A_Studios Completed

Meet Yona, the cherished princess of the 'peaceful' kingdom of Kouka. When something terrible happens on the night of her sixteenth birthday, Yona is forced to escape her luxurious life with her childhood friend and guardian, Hak Son. Now, persistent to gain her throne back, Yona decides to look for the four Dragon Warriors, four people who received the powers of the dragon gods that were sent to protect the red dragon, Hiryuu. They carry the blood of their respective dragons in their bodies which grant them a devastating ability.
Now meet Y/N L/N and her twin brother Akio L/N. Both were childhood friends with Princess Yona, Lord Soo-Won, and Hak Son. They're also the fifth Dragon Warrior, the Gin Dragon.

Are you sure about the 7 guys  because I can barely get my dog to come to me
lKorol lKorol Apr 30
So I have silver hair and silver eyes and a silver outfit?  Well that's Tiffany normal...
sorry but you made me to tall for this story. i am 4"11, i am short. also the character on the right is Asuna for SAO Sword Art Online
NYAO-Chan NYAO-Chan Jun 15
                              L/N: KUROSAKI
                              N/N: (F/N)
                              H/C: RED/BLACK w/ FLAMES?😜
                              H/L: LOWER BACK (at the top of my butay)✌😂 jk no but it really is up to there.
                              F/C: RED
                              F/F/N: MISAKI
                              M/F/N: MINA
                              E/C: SEA GREEN
                              F/HOBBIE: MUSIC 
                              F/W: 🔥 BOW AND ARROW. Also katana in the color of red✌😜
lKorol lKorol Apr 30
And for both characters EVERYTHING is silver...  That's totally not wierd...
NYAO-Chan NYAO-Chan Jun 15
Ok I only have one question. At the personality part, am I a tsundere?😐