Handsome Jack  x Reader

Handsome Jack x Reader

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_Rorschach_ By _Rorschach_ Updated Nov 09, 2015

Decided to write another Handsome Jack story. 

PSA: I don't approve of cheating or am trying to glorify it in any way but have added it to this story for the thrill of the reader. So don't go cheating on your SO and tell them DyingLighting told you it was alright..because I did not and will deny it. 

Enjoy :)

    //My family thinks I'm insane now cause I just yelled "MOG TUMMY MEW STILL PURRRRETHING DOWN THEIR!?"
    MadMels-47 MadMels-47 Sep 30, 2016
    Then and there... If not a hologram... I'd a smacked his handsome face