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"You're scared aren't you." Dad glances over at me, his wrist draped lazily over the steering wheel of the cruiser.

"No, I'm not scared at all. Just a normal day, you know. Going to a prison and being surrounded by murderers and rapists and stuff. Really fun." 

"Welcome to my life." Dad mumbles, taking a turn onto a narrower road.

"Remind me why I signed up for this?"

"You wanted to exploit your father's job as a Correctional Officer to get a shot at Counselling in prison, so that you can get extra credit for your psychology module."

"That question was supposed to be rethorical." I pick at a loose thread on my shirt. 

"If you don't want an answer, then don't ask." 

"Ugh." I pull my jacket around myself tighter and set my gaze straight ahead. We sit in silence for the rest of the ride, I watch as the road gets smaller and more deserted with every passing second.

Then I see it. 

As we get closer I can see the high concrete walls, painted a pale white but still managing to look d...

FazedDolans FazedDolans a day ago
I stole pictures of Justin Bieber 😂😂 it was a phase 😂😂😂
ReenUhh ReenUhh a day ago
This reminds me of when I'm at tv show u can't hear what the person on the other like is saying so the person talking repeats the question before they answer