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Living Life With A Secret (Bill x Reader)

Living Life With A Secret (Bill x Reader)

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Fantasyforthewin By Fantasyforthewin Updated Jul 11, 2016

Y/n, someone who has spent all her life in the forest, has some, well, problems. The biggest one, she's a werewolf. But one fateful day, she meets the Pines, will she be able to be friends with them without her little secret getting in the way, or will a certain demon mess it all up?

Btw, don't ask abt the cover. I love it. LOTR FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(And I wonder why people call me weird. : / )

CompleteTrash16 CompleteTrash16 Mar 20, 2016
"Cracking with puberty." My boyfriend is going through the same thing. His voice crackling is pretty bad...
Nekomimiyoukai Nekomimiyoukai Mar 14, 2016
Don't worry Dipper it'll happen someday, it happened to Phineas and Ferb, their voices dropped
Rivaicifer Rivaicifer Oct 07, 2016
Supernatural being...supernatural....misha collins- why do i always get to misha how?
rose-fangirl rose-fangirl Aug 27, 2016
FORDSY! AKA SIXER! what? when bill is your senpai he rubs off on you
ChristiMc ChristiMc Jul 12, 2016
I havent talked to my brother in a while, so when he called me one day I didnt know who he was because his voice changed so much. I thought he was a grown man who got the wrong number or something lol hes 16
Awesomecat12345 Awesomecat12345 Nov 05, 2016
WAit wait I have a pun
                              You can't spel illumination without illuminati