Hearts of pain

Hearts of pain

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Lisset By _wild_sunflower Updated Mar 28, 2017

18 year old Aurora Light is kind, innocent, loving, forgiving and living by herself since her mom die leaving her with a heart of pain. Her mother was her everything and after her mother passed she stays strong for her, her mother, and her mate when she finds him.

22 year old, Dorian Black is the alpha of Pale moonlight, has a heart of pain, cold hearted, and never wanted a mate. He doesn't bother to look for her. When he finds her while taking a run he has no choice then to take her against her will. But not to treat her with kindness but with pure hate. 

Aurora becomes hated by the pack and her mate which fills her heart with more pain. Abuse and broken Aurora writes her life memories in her notebook. Dorian makes it worse by abusing her as well. Will these two broken heart fix each each or will one break when it's to late.

All credit to Esther @_DEMiiGODDESS_ for the amazing cover.

I update on weekends sometimes even on Friday.

  • abuse
  • forgiveness
  • heartbreak
  • heartbreaker
  • love
  • mates
  • monster
  • rejected
  • rejection
  • romance
  • soulmate
  • werewolves
savannahottley2 savannahottley2 Aug 25, 2017
That son of a motherfucking bitch.... That sweet innocent girl did nothing to you
claryxjace1234 claryxjace1234 Oct 17, 2017
Omg this pack is going to kill her. (This is the first time I ever heard that in a werewolf book love the originality)
elephant44 elephant44 Apr 03, 2016
Another story, Wat is wrong with all these evil boys ,  day need a kick up the back side , but most probably my foot would get stuck. Lol
Love_MB24 Love_MB24 Feb 23, 2016
Ugh bitch I hate you. 😡😡😡👊🏼 I want to punch you on your Damm face 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Fove4Ever Fove4Ever Mar 13, 2016
The only thing that is weird about the story is that it is in 3rd person's point of view. But I like it
jhericurling jhericurling Jun 05, 2016
I sorry but every book I read the alphas never want a mate and the pack is the most ruthless