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Warrior Cats x Reader One-Shots *ON HOLD*

Warrior Cats x Reader One-Shots *ON HOLD*

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•AuthorInProgress• By fireheart_warriors Updated Dec 27, 2015

I do not own the Warrior series. All rights reserved to the Erins!

The tunnels, the darkness, that's what scared me into wits beyond. The cold crept over my muzzle, stinging my eyes and spiking my fur. I could still taste the freezing, dense air through closed lips, and my whiskers twitched at ever slightest drip of water. But the darkness was like a monster hiding in the blackness, stalking, smelling my fear spiced scent. Waiting for the right time to pounce. 

I remember vaguely walking through ThunderClan territory, three days after Hollyleaf had shouted out that Leafpool and Crowfeather of WindClan were his parents. I had always had a huge crush on him, but had never gotten around to telling him. That night he ran away into the tunnels, and gotten crushed in a rock fall. My heart had broke, shattering into thousands, millions, of pieces. 

As I walked, I had felt the earth crumble away from under my paws, and then wind rushing through my fur as I fell. The one thing that hung, twi...

I'm a black she-cat with a white tail tip, paws and my left ear is white. And blue eyes?!!  :3
Sasha_Kitty Sasha_Kitty May 18, 2016
                              Longed furred white she-cat with a grey tipped tail and light green eyes
MA_kitty MA_kitty Feb 13, 2016
You should make a part 2 when I find out about Silverstream!
ScarredPhysco ScarredPhysco Jun 10, 2016
DIE 1000 DEATHS CINDERFUR!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws a scatter clip at him* 
                              Anyone read The Unwanteds?? ;3))
Tan-Eclipse Tan-Eclipse Apr 02, 2016
He says "I thought you could run faster"
                              This is funny because my warrior name is LITERALLY Speedrunner
CandyTheFangirlNeko CandyTheFangirlNeko Jan 27, 2016
*glares at Cinderfur* U dumb twit!! How DARE you dump a beautiful she-cat like so! I mean LOOK at me! *swipes at him hissing*