My Chocolate Young Mate

My Chocolate Young Mate

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.. By ChocolateShawtyy Updated May 04

"Your mine and only mine." He growls lowly into my ear as his grip on my waist tightened. I don't even know this guy and I already feel a strange connection. 

"No." I whispered, I felt him smirk against my skin. He quickly turns me around and kiss me roughly. 

"Mate." He growls before walking off. The hell?


Xena Black is 14 and just moved to London with her mom. Xena is in high school because of her high grades. 
On her first day, everyone seemed to be strangely distant from her. But that was into she ran into Lucas Smith. After that her whole life changed.

Lucas Smith is 18 and he's a werewolf. More importantly he's gonna be an Alpha soon. His whole pack the Blue Moon is going to his filled with humans high school, Hilly High. Lucas was happy he haven't found his mate yet but that was into he met her, Xena, the new black girl at school and get this she's young and human! But that doesn't stops him from wanting her...

How come this girl finds all these guys who r attractive at her school yet theres like 4 cute ones @ my school
tealbxtch tealbxtch Mar 24
You go to highschool when you're turning 11 or 12 and if your 18 you would be in college
He needs to take several seats before he ever speaks to me like that got me all the way messed up the only person who can talk to me like that is my momma and she dont even talk to me like that
Rosaonizuka Rosaonizuka Sep 09
If he's not 14 he wouldn't be in her classes... heck, 16+ he wouldn't even be anywhere near her
Ever heard oh toothpaste with ya dragon breathe ..... Gosh damn
Kc_12303 Kc_12303 Nov 21
Im over here like "They really want yo cringey ass😐😐😐...REALLY😝😝😝