The Neighbor (Camren)

The Neighbor (Camren)

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jurassicjauregui By jurassicjauregui Completed

"Hi, I'm you're neighbor." Lauren said smiling 

"Nice to meet you neighbor." I giggled 

G!P Lauren

I can't remember if I've already read this story I'm so lost
I LOVE how open they are about sexuality it should be like this like yea i like her and o coo
lizziet343 lizziet343 4 days ago
Why is it in so many fanfics Lauren has male parts? Like why can't she just be Lauren Jauregui. THE GIRL
AllysusChildren AllysusChildren Dec 21, 2016
"And Camila is the definition of amazing but left fifth harmony and gets treated like shiit even more constantly ..."
gigi9963 gigi9963 7 days ago
I want Batman boxers but can't find them anywhere 😭😭😭 if I had them i would wear 'em proudly for everyone to see.