Baby Boy

Baby Boy

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Josh Harrison is 15 years old. Mistreated in his home town. He is living in a world where vampires are superior and like to take teenagers and turn them in to age play baby's. And Josh is no exception to this especially when a certain vampire catches his eye. 

Jamie Matthew has it all. He job the house the money. The only thin he dose t have is the baby. Well that is until he runs into Josh. Quiet literally. 

How will Josh be when his is forced in to age play. Will he accept it or fight it at every corner? 

Contains spanking of a minor.

  • adultbaby
  • ageplay
  • baby
  • daddy
  • human
  • spanking
  • vampire
RexTheBoy RexTheBoy Aug 01, 2017
I am 12 and when I am at Walmart people think I work there. Like how old do they think I am 😑😑
AlExIs_AnDeRsOn123 AlExIs_AnDeRsOn123 Oct 23, 2017
wtf this so wierd they sent the babies to day care the kids are like 16 wft
AlExIs_AnDeRsOn123 AlExIs_AnDeRsOn123 Oct 23, 2017
wtf does nobody find this wierd isnt josh creeped out im so lost 😶
frodoandrain frodoandrain Dec 24, 2017
I would love it their. Okay little story, the other day i was at a baby showed and i was with my friends Who also knew the people Who where having that baby and i went in the crib and i fit and their was a lot of room left to. It also took two friends of mine to help me out.
themaskofdeseption themaskofdeseption Oct 17, 2017
You can try to grab me but I'm part Pichu so I'll shock your sorry ass!😆
Thirteenangels13 Thirteenangels13 Aug 21, 2017
You mean the story about the disabled boy getting kidnapped and his widower dad going after him?
                              Oh yeah that's a great movie.