Dear Bully

Dear Bully

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Okay, Okay By OkayChill Updated Aug 02, 2016

She knows who she is.
The schools freak.
The girl who everyone hates.

"Dear Bully" is a story consisted of letters Jesse Sanners
writes to her bully as she deals with unimaginable pain and

The loser.
The freak.
The survivor.


Cover photo by Laurette van der Merwe

Don't teachers have COMMON SENSE?!?!?
                              WELL THEY CLEARLY DONT
ReMpO97 ReMpO97 Feb 19
shouldn't change yourself for anybody! people will always judge you, don't give them the pleasure of changing yourself for them.
nerdygirl2402 nerdygirl2402 Aug 22, 2016
It's sad this is so relatable it's like reading the story of my life.
ReMpO97 ReMpO97 Feb 19
It's sad that the ones who are supposed to protect you and keep you safe are doing exactly the opposite.
ReMpO97 ReMpO97 Feb 19
Bulling is one of the things that I really hate with a passion
ReMpO97 ReMpO97 Feb 19
Being bullied really dose that to you. You start doubting yourself then you believe all the hatred words they throw at you. 💔