The same (Jeff the killer love story)(EDITING AND COMPLETE)

The same (Jeff the killer love story)(EDITING AND COMPLETE)

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Hello, I'm Kate.So all I ever wanted was to meet a killer, But you know...Its possible to get killed.So when you go to a park see a dead body and a guy comes behind you and says "go to sleep"Your going to die.Well I didn't, But I did almost die.Family died, Just mom really, Because of that guy...And that guy I fell in love with is Jeff the killer.

Hey guys I plan to make this a good book.So I have 4 completed books.I got rid of the ones I don't plan to upload any more and I will try to keep this alive everyday.Hope you enjoy you creepypasta lovers.GO KILLERS.
Oh and I have the sequel out!its more torward blade and abby and their loves!(THE WEDDING HAS THE INFO ON THE SEQUEL NOT SO MUCH THE SAME.:D

By the way I made this last year, when I was 10 so I wasn't very well, smart...I guess you can say I didn't use coma's and never thought of making any sense (Sadly I was an idiot .-.)

Me: *pops out of the bushes* *claps and squeals loudly* YOU GO JEFF!!! YEAH!!! WHOOOO!!!
                              Jeff: Who the hell are you!
                              Me: your soulmate. 🙃
Omg yeah jeffs so high hahahahahha jeff and painkillers don't mix ahahhaha
*sighs in relief*
                              This kid isn't me... I'm a female and my name's summer...
Me: *pops out of under the bed suddenly* No you don't. *puts arms around jeff*
                              Mom:  WHO ARE YOU WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SONS ROOM?!
                              Me: *smiles* *squeezes Jeff*
*Randy's mom suddenly pops out of the bushes: *WATCH YOUR MOUTH RANDY!!!
I think Jeff is beautiful why would his mom lie she is just jelly of his beauty