Falling For My Husband

Falling For My Husband

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Mel ღ By herfxckingladyship Updated Aug 03, 2016

"Make them believe that you two are head over heels in love with each other. Pretend you can't keep your hands off each other, give each other mind blowing kisses, forehead kisses! People love that! Be around children, the public love that too! Except you won't be pretending, because if that is how your mindset will be then that's how it will be like to the public eye. I have a project for you, spend the week together, get to know each other, sleep in the same bed, really get that husband and wife feel because if you don't feel it, no one else will. Then when the cameras are facing you and news reporters are bombarding you with questions, you will answer them flawlessly, lying becoming second nature because this is what this fight is about. It's all about lying and if you want to win, you've got to be convincing to yourself because that's the only way how. You will get out there, flash your big, killer smiles, and you will show the whole of America that you two are Mr and Mrs Harrington, living the most amazing modern day fairytale. And you'll be so good, that no one else could object. Understood?" 

Natalie Ford has just realised what she has gotten herself into. A political marriage? Surely that was a sentence for life in prison if anyone found out? Lying to a nation, surely that was absolutely insane? But how or never, she was standing inside a unisex bathroom with Jared Stevens, best handler in all of America, alongside Tyler Harrington, her soon to be husband, even if they had nothing in common between them except a marriage contract and a non disclosure agreement. All she had to say were two words and her fate would be sealed. 

"Natalie, do you understand?" 

"I do." 

And so chose to dance with the devil.

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Toesuckingdishrag_27 Toesuckingdishrag_27 Jul 16, 2017
I LOVED THIS STORY OMG!! Literally one of my favorite books here on wattpad ❤️ I'm so happy it's back
Kookie_and_kream Kookie_and_kream Jan 01, 2016
I still remember when you were AuthorApril. This was one of the first stories I've read on wattpad. Good to have you back, Natalie and Tyler.
JustAnotherWeirdGirl JustAnotherWeirdGirl Nov 05, 2015
I actually had to find you on google and stuff... Because i didnt know you changed your name ahahaha... Well it was worth it... And the original story will always stay in my heart forever... Also in my reading list... Its still there ahahaha
JustAnotherWeirdGirl JustAnotherWeirdGirl Nov 05, 2015
Awww... Good ol times... God pls bring this story back asap... Love youuu <3
JustAnotherWeirdGirl JustAnotherWeirdGirl Nov 05, 2015
God i missed this story so much... I was one of the people who actually waited for the new update every single day... And the time where your name was still AuthorApril...
cindymarlenes cindymarlenes Oct 29, 2015
Yes! so excited you are attempting this story once more, loved the original one by the way! Thank you so much