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Seeing Different

Seeing Different

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Sparkle Sparkle Rainbows By Devil_Spawn Completed

Eren is in his third year at the asylum, and he is getting more and more distant from everything. He doesn't respond to the doctors or the nurses, he doesn't talk to his family when they visit, and he hardly ever looks at anyone. All he does is stare off into space and play with the hem of his shirt. 

Levi is a therapist that has just started working at the asylum. He helps any patient he can and he succeeds in doing so, except for Eren. Levi just cant get through to Eren's stubborn mind. One day he finally succeeds in getting a response from the silent boy, and what he has to say, makes Levi look at the world in a whole new way. 


My Demons~Nightcore

I just thought of that creepy clock dude from "dont hug me im scared"
everyone is thinking ciel and kaneki........
                              ...... am I the only one who thought of nick fury?
I swear, this whole story is gonna be hell with all of the Marco jokes
Surprised no horse jokes but honestly Jean should happy to be called horse face horse technically had huge penises, just ask Marco.
Vol_Voltron Vol_Voltron Apr 16
Everyone else is feeling #attacked over the marco jokes and im r o l l i n g
Rerall Rerall May 07
How erotic. That's the same reason I'm in that hospital. We'll get on quite well.