Blood of the Rogue

Blood of the Rogue

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"....I feel it deep within,

Its just beneath the skin,

 I must confesses that I 

 Feel like a monster. "

                                  - lyrics to Monster by Skillet


Vixen is a rogue. Since birth, her life has been full of betrayal, death, and fighting for the right to live. Every day Vixen must face a new threat and challenge. After years of surviving alone, she feels its time to find a new hunting ground. At night she crosses into another packs territory only to be confronted by its pack members. Little does she knows that a greater evil is out for her blood. Her life will change forever. Will she be strong enough to be the victor and save the werewolf race?

Aiden has been ruling his pack for two years. He has everything; money, family, but no mate. On his twentieth birth day, he is to mate with a female chosen by the pack. On that night, a lone rogue crosses into his territory. Little does he know, his mate is Vixen; the mighty rogue fighter. Will he be able to melt through the ice surrounding her heart or will he let her slip away.

  • aiden
  • alone
  • alpha
  • betrayal
  • cursed
  • death
  • evil
  • eyes
  • fighter
  • goddess
  • king
  • lycan
  • marcus
  • mother
  • pack
  • quest
  • rogue
  • strong
  • sword
  • vixen
  • wolf