Hermione Zabini ||Dramione (DISCONTINUED)

Hermione Zabini ||Dramione (DISCONTINUED)

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Hermione Granger is no longer a Granger but in fact a Zabini, Older sister of Blaise Zabini. 
It was 2 months since a huge war ended. 
Her 2 friends Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley are Mark Malfoy and Colleen Greengrass. 
As a Zabini, she's suppose to be friends with Draco Malfoy. 
He has always have feeling for her since 1st year but can't admit it to her. 
She now is staring to fall in love with him. 
But Ron Weasley is still in love with Hermione and do anything to make her fall for him.


Let's see how this goes.

(This book is discontinued)

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joker151515 joker151515 Jun 04, 2017
Rose are red
                              Thorns are prickly
                              Well damn 
                              That escalated quickly
flying_pigs101 flying_pigs101 Aug 21, 2017
Lol molly always wanted a daughter and when she got one it was adopted and a greengrass 😂😂
dksitikhadeejah dksitikhadeejah Oct 11, 2017
Wait if Harry is Malfoy then that mean Harry I mean Mark Malfoy is the chosen one
12345Hermionegranger 12345Hermionegranger Dec 07, 2017
Wtf I nearly spit out my water when I read harry was a malfoy
dksitikhadeejah dksitikhadeejah Oct 11, 2017
If Harry is Mark Malfoy then why does the prophecy say Harry Potter if he is originally a Malfoy
gaillmar gaillmar May 30, 2018
It was two months after I returned home.  Not my real home... that implies that she has a fake home. LOL