Love and Regrets | Vkook

Love and Regrets | Vkook

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I never wished for this to happen. 

But I know it was all my fault. 

I did this to us. 

And I regret everything. 
Everything including the day I let him be a part of my life.

But there's one thing I didn't regret.

Loving him.

But. He did. 

Because he told me.


SEQUEL: Goodbye

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why did i click on this
                              i just got done mourning over a vkook fic and now this
Im sorry, ‘love’ is not in my dictionary therefore idk what love is. Do u smell love? See it? Idk
Missy742 Missy742 Apr 11, 2016
C'mon shop can say no to free food that's provided by a hootie :D haha
JamlessCabbage JamlessCabbage May 20, 2016
I read this in taes pov for the entire time and I was like oh its jungkook XD