Cardiac Arrest ♡ Lahey [2]

Cardiac Arrest ♡ Lahey [2]

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♡ Brea ♡ By golightlys Updated Nov 13, 2016

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"I acted like I didn't have a heart in my chest for the longest time, and you taught me how to use it."

● ● ●

Junior year. 

With Gerard and the Kanima gone and friendships mended, life for Harley and the McCall pack should be easier.

But now there's a pack of Alphas in town, along with a trail of sacrifices leading back to an evil Druid, making Junior year a whole lot harder. Not to mention the fact that Harley and Isaac have yet to find out what is wrong with them, their bond growing stronger each day.

Hell, it's enough to send someone into cardiac arrest.

[Season 3A and 3B]

Hannahxerp Hannahxerp Jan 10
My life is complete because of this gif. 😂😂 I can't breathe.
mgctribe mgctribe Mar 02, 2016
matt and Elena didn't have a problem with it *wink wink* tvd reference!!!!!
nairwolves nairwolves Dec 28, 2015
I laughed so much at Colton/Jackson's face in the gif and I don't know why
kayk13 kayk13 Nov 08, 2015
Jackson and Lydia probably did the do in the backseat already.....