The Strongest of Them All ( a Fairy Tail × Reader story)

The Strongest of Them All ( a Fairy Tail × Reader story)

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Makhiyo Trish Sy By PusheentheNeko Updated Dec 04, 2016

You are (f/n) (l/n)
You are looking for the guild of your dreams 'Fairy Tail' with your favorite exceed Mavis. You are asking everyone you stumbled on where is the guild's location is. Thankfully they answered. Now you are standing at the guild door of your dreams 
Fairy Tail.
This is where your adventure begins

Minna-san please vote on my story. This is my first reader fanfiction please bear with me.
This is a Various x reader story 

*All of this happens after the Tenroujima arc, when Team Natsu and the others. Arrived. 
Please enjoy yourselves~

laptopgirl27 laptopgirl27 Nov 21, 2016
Both BUTT Magnolia is a town/village/that kind of crap and Fiore is a kingdom/Empire/And that kind of poop 💩
XxJeffersonLukexX XxJeffersonLukexX Sep 17, 2016
"Hmmmmmm where do I live" my question everytime..... Then someone will say "AT HELL'S THRONE!!" Yup thats normal
MimicMidnight MimicMidnight Sep 26, 2015
It was Magnolia + I really liked the prologue! I can't wait for the next update! :)