The Strongest of Them All ( a Fairy Tail × Reader story)

The Strongest of Them All ( a Fairy Tail × Reader story)

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yoki By shookookies Updated May 22, 2017

You are a young woman who is named [l/n][f/n].

You are looking for the guild of your dreams 'Fairy Tail' with your favorite exceed Mavis. 
You are asking everyone you stumbled on where is the guild's location is. 
After all those months of trying hard to find this very guild's location, you finally did. 

Now you are standing at the guild door of your dreams 
Fairy Tail.

This is where your adventure begins


Everyone, please vote on my story. This is my first reader fanfiction please bear with me.
This is a Various x reader story 

*All of this happens after the Tenroujima arc, when Team Natsu and the others arrived.

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Shifter_of_the_moon Shifter_of_the_moon Nov 30, 2017
I’m wearing all black and my hair is black and Mavis is black wearing black. 
                              Imma just change some colors.
WolfLoverrr WolfLoverrr Dec 08, 2017
I'm wearing all black, and Mavis is galaxy with silver dress and bow
XxNalu_DragonflamexX XxNalu_DragonflamexX Apr 01, 2017
The exceed can't be named Mavis cause then master Mavis would be sad................
Spirit_Wolf124 Spirit_Wolf124 Dec 22, 2017
MAVISSSS!!!!!!! WHAT U DOING HERE!!!?? What about the hotel!!!!!!!!??
kayleeisfriendly kayleeisfriendly Dec 07, 2017
A blue tailcoat, a black skirt, black boots, my back length brown hair down. Mavis is blue, wearing a blue dress and a blue ribbon.
-_Tulips_- -_Tulips_- May 12, 2017
Omg my cat is named Mavis. BUTT what about master mavis😕😕😕