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Lushee By GoddessLucy Updated Jul 19, 2016

Lucy woke up in a hospital bed, in a hospital room, with people she doesn't even know clustered around her. They be her friends. But she doesn't remember them-she doesn't remember anybody.

Natsu, a pink haired boy with a rather spontaneous way of seeing things, claims that she ran out into the street after they'd both gotten into an argument.

But, of course, he won't tell her what that was about, either. a world where everyone has been erased from memory, who can you trust?

Author: @GoddessLucy and @TsushinIAm

Cover and Editing: @MorbidEmpire

Started: May 14th, 2016

Finished: XX•XX•XXXX

Dedicated to All NaLu fans. ^~^ Enjoy!

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Whaaaaaaaaaa, omggggggggg!!!!! Im sorry lord for all the weight jokes I've made!!!
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Lol I ship my friendS JARAH FOR LIFE!!! and I also ship JAPPLE and SAPPLE !!!! They hate it but I know they love each other :D
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