Free Falling

Free Falling

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Ana Simons By AnaSimons Completed

Brian Anderson can't get past the anger corroding him inside. Finding out the woman he believed would soon be his wife was having an affair with his father's business associate, a family friend he'd always admired and respected, left him broken and bitter. 
With little to no faith in women and relationships, the reserved and enigmatic English architect is determined to swear off love or any serious entanglements. 

At least that's the plan.

Enter Olivia, the one who got away ten years before, and he soon finds out fate has plans of its own. 

Their unexpected re-encounter will trigger old feelings and send his life into a tailspin. Having to look into his own vulnerabilities will be just the beginning. Facing the uphill battle to find a way to her heart, which has been broken too many times, is the challenge that follows... 

'Completely enthralling, I just fell in love with the protagonist. Being inside a man's head felt strangely good.'                                                
'Full of drama, honesty, caring, forgiveness, pain, humor, and so much more. But mostly love.'                                                 
'This book is an amazing trail of emotions from start to end, so beautifully written.'

  • arrogant
  • cocky
  • contemporary
  • drama
  • family
  • firstlove
  • friendship
  • heartbreak
  • hot
  • humor
  • love
  • lovestory
  • passion
  • relationships
  • romantic
  • secondchances
  • sexy
  • wedding
  • womensfiction
user24949722 user24949722 Sep 24, 2017
Are these available to purchase in Amazon? I don't want to read it yet until I own these books 🤗
MelodyHall MelodyHall Jan 25, 2017
Wow. These covers are amazing!!! Truly! So minimalistic, it's wonderful! 😍
Taem12 Taem12 Jul 28, 2016
That is so generous of you to do this young man. I can't wait to read their story. I wish them all the best!
CookieMonster83 CookieMonster83 Sep 05, 2016
I don't know if I'm ready. This is Me Before You all over again. I went into that movie after having read the book and still wanted something different to happen.😥
misanthropist_ misanthropist_ Sep 12, 2016
Tell me something that was unbound to happen Ana. I know this was going to happen. Congratulations❤️
                              Lots of love xx
atrhkhrni atrhkhrni Jan 04, 2017
My heart is saying that I will fall in love with your story, but I don't even start to read it yet ! 😅